I.- Location

Math Department, BA6180, University of Toronto.

Tuesdays 4:00 – 6:00.

II.- Lecture Notes

The lectures are based in the notes here but sometimes we cover less than what is written in the notes.

III.- Brief Comments

  • Meeting 1, September 12: We covered the first notes completely. I do not know if we really need to use Lusin’s theorem in the proof of Duflo’s Theorem. In the proof I did, completing the details of Casselman, I did not use it. Hope I didn’t miss something!
  • Meeting 2, September 19: We covered the first part of the second lecture. That is, we saw the proof of the discreteness of the spectrum. Notice that in my notes of that proof there is a little mistake on the proof, nothing serious, when proving that the H_i generate H. It get’s fixed by invoking its finite dimensionality.
  • Meeting 3, September 26: We covered the rest of the notes of Lecture 2 and Lecture 3. We are ready to talk about the proof of the criteria on compactness now!
  • Meeting 4, October 3: We concluded the complete set of notes 4. We are done with the compact quotient part of the seminar. We are still struggling with one of the equations of the deduction of the trace formula since evryone seems to use fubini but is kind of unclear why it should be applicable.

IV.- Bibliography

Here are the books from where I review and take material.

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The articles that we have reviewed, at least partially, so far or that are related:

V.- Links to other webpages.