I. General Information:

This is the TA page for the course Real Analysis 1, Fall term 2018, taught by Jacopo De Simoi. The official information on the course, homeworks, can be found in the Quercus site for the course.

This webpage has no really official information and serves only as complement for the course (to speak my heart out!). In particular, no grades are displayed hereIf you want a grade of a homework ask me by e-mail or in person.

II. Office Hours

Math Department, University of Toronto, BA6180 (i.e. Board Room), Monday 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

If you require extra help write me a e-mail or ask me in person.

III.- Commented Bibliography

Other books on Real Analysis:

  • [1] Measure and Integration, Sterling K. Berberian.
    • I find this book very well written and at times not as overwhelming as the “real analysis bibles” of a thousand pages, but at the same time is super complete and mega well written. I used it when I studied the topic.
  • [2] Basic Real Analysis, Anthony W. Knapp
    • Basic stuff, but he writes really well and from time to time covers topics that other books do not have (even the bibles). Also, it has a continuation Advanced Real Analysis, which is great as well.
  • [3] Real and Functional Analysis, Serge Lang.
    • Serge Lang. Enough said.