I draw several cartoons since I am a little kid. In here you will find the cartoons about “my general life and anecdotes“. I do create cartoons in other genre like adventure cartoons, one shots, graphic novels etc. but are not going to appear here for the moment.

Many of the cartoons show moments that moreless happened, sometimes they are completely invented. It’s what I think about.

Everybody is welcome to see these cartoons, but I treat the viewer as an adult in the sense that sometimes the topics are serious and deal with sickness, mental health, love and breakups, sexuality or are experimental, etc.

I have organized the slide shows in the following categories:

  1. The new cartoons. This slide shows up to the latest five cartoons, and no more. (Sometimes there might be nothing here).
  2. Academic Cartoons: Those that have to do with me as an academic.
  3. Songs: I like drawing cartoons that are meant to be sung or are based on songs.
  4. Urineauts: These are cartoons related to a health condition I have and that makes my life challenging.
  5. General Life: Those that are about me living my life and the anecdotes that sometimes happen to me (Sometimes they are just pure fantasy).

As a general rule I do not put explanations of my cartoons here. Like in math, we assume the reader can fill in the details (or invent them if he needs to).

The new cartoons:

Academic Cartoons:



General Life: