Malors Emilio Espinosa Lara

Note: This is very descirptive, almost painfully so. Nothing here can be really proved that it is true or so, is just an alternative description of who I am from my perspective and what I do, that is also important in any person for anything, either academic, job, love, life, etc. I hope it is useful for people coming to my academic page to see who I am for whatever reason they have to come.

Personal Experiences:

  • In Mexico I’ve lived in Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara and Guanajuato, for several years in each. Now I live in Toronto.

Cartoons/Manga/Graphic Novels:

  • Cartoons/Manga/Graphic Novels play a very important role in my life and I dedicate a lot of time in reading, thinking and developing about cartoons.
  • I took the course: Introduction to Comics, Art Gallery of Ontario, July 2017.
  • I am developing a cartoon called “Epsilon-Delta”. It is in spanish and you could say is my practice cartoon, to experiment and learn about how to create them, timings, etc. The drawing is not always great, but I put a lot of effort: epsilon-delta.


  • Modesty apart: I AM A GREAT TEACHER. There is nothing I enjoy more than teaching. Probably Cartoons Vs Math Vs Teaching is the greatest of battles of my life, and can never settle to long with just one of them.
  • I really believe teaching is fundamental. To have great teachers is hard, and not everybody wants to teach, but I go great distances to make my teaching impressive. I don’t always succeed but I think in general people is very happy with my teaching.


  • I really like doing crafting as puppets, or lettering and calligraphy. Some pictures of the muppets I’ve done here in Toronto is below. I did them for a little movie that I showed at a friend seminar meeting.


  • I intend to take an introductory course on calligraphy on october 2017: course webpage.
  • I am an addict to pens, markers, rulers, paint, brushes, markers and paper. I spend a lot of time, and more money I would like to admit, in stationaries.

Reading :

  • I really enjoy reading and I’ve done so since I am very young. I try to read a lot of different things, of all types of things: fiction, religion, science, poetry, etc.
  • My favorite writer at the moment is Kenzaburo Oe.
  • I really like the poems “El Golem” by Borges and “Cantos de Vida y Esperanza” by Rubén Dario. Also love “Paradise Lost” of Milton.
  • My favorite cliché phrase of the Bible is: “…There is no new thing under the sun.” and my favorite random poem part in english is “I will show you fear in a handful of dust” by T.S.Eliot., although we must not forget his great poems about cats…
  • My favorite Canadian Author is Robertson Davies, altough I confess I havn’t read many other canadian author…yet, Alice Munro is great.
  • I really enjoy reading “The myth of Sisyphus” of Camus.
  • I’ve read a lot about language creation and decipherment. In particular, followed a lot about the decipherment of Linear B. Currently I am reading the book of Chadwick about it.


  • I write a lot, although have not published anything. I only share with friends.
  • I’m currently participating in a short story contest, but I am waiting for the results.


  • I like art, specially painting/drawing, but have a terrible habit of not going to museums.
  • At some point I had a crush with Fauvism, and I keep having crushes with Dada. Munch is really great, Mondrian as well and Pollock.  When I was a teenager I had a very strong liking for Seurat.
  • I really really really like modern dancing and I would love to learn to dance like that.
  • I don’t really paint, but I make small drawings in pastels and chalks.
  • I love music of all types (all types…). From classical music I can’t stop listening Rachmaninov and Vivaldi’s four seasons. I like the operas, and as a kid I really liked the Magic Flute and Don Giovanni. I love “cumbia/banda/reguetton” most of the times. I like pop music. My favorite band was for a long time Nightwish.
  • I like theatre a lot, but I don’t have a lot of opportunity to see plays. The last play I saw was one about cooking and politics in several languages at the same time, it was great. It is in my plans to read “Death and the King’s Horseman” of Wole Soyinka. I also really like Paganini, and I was told I look a lot like him…


  • I have taken courses of: French, German, Italian but I speak very very little of all of them…I remember almost nothing. I would love to speak Romanian and Catalan.
  • I am “studying” linguistics to be able to create a language and its writing system. It takes a lot of effort, but it is really worth it.


  • I really like football (i.e. soccer). My favorite player is Messi, but I also enjoy watching Cristiano Ronaldo. I also follow the Mexican Team and its infinite dramas.
  • I read a lot about football history, current affairs and, shamefully almost, football gossip!
  • I played in a school team in my undergrad. It was one of football 5 (only 5 players) and other of football 7. I scored 0 goals, and probably was in general a bad defender…but I felt a passion for it insurmountable.
  • I play occasionally in Toronto, where I have scored some times…


  • I try to cook a lot but it takes a lot of time. I also read about cooking, and history of cooking. I really liked “cooked” of Michael Pollan.
  • I have been studying how to bake bread. Right now I’ve baked regular loaves, baguettes and spincah bread.
  • I have studied the basics of sauce making.
  • I try to understand the intricacies of spices and herbs, specially now that we have them in Toronto in a great variety! I was growing cilantro but that didn’t go well.
  • I have practiced some times how to make good curry, not there yet.
  • I am a deep addict of mocca.


  • I play go, and I don’t like chess. My account in OGS is DeRham, I do not use KGS.
  • I really like board games and role playing games as vampire (specially) but I have not been able to play regularly by the lack of a proper group of interested people.
  • I spend a lot of time in board game coffees.


  • I really enjoy talking but am very bad in small talk and in breaking the ice, I am super shy at the beginning. Takes some time for me to feel comfortable talking about all that interests me, so keep talking to me!