I was in Singapore for a month on a conference about Beyond Endoscopy and I had football drought and while Altug was explaining his papers I thought about this cartoon.


Mondays 17:00 – 19:00

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We begin on September 13 and go on until the end of term.


We will study the idea of Beyond Endoscopy [1], as proposed by Langlands in his original paper on the subject, and as was carried out by Altug in his first paper [2] of the three on the topic. The idea is to use this paper as a backbone to follow a sequence of otherwise maybe random topics and how they are needed for this to work and what might be needed for other situations in which the tools are not immediately available.

Bibliography and References:

The basic bibliography are the following two articles:

1. Langlands, Beyond Endoscopy, Shalika volume, Johns Hopkins University Press, 2004Link
2. Ali Altug, Beyond endoscopy via the trace formula: 1. Poisson summation and isolation of special representations, Compositio Mathematica, 151 (10), 1791-1820, 2015Link

The references will be changing as we move forwards in the seminar.

3. Larsen, M., Pink, R. Determining representations from invariant dimensions. Invent Math 102, 377–398 (1990). https://doi.org/10.1007/BF01233432Link
4. Song Wang, Dimension Data, Local and Global Conjugacy in Reductive Groups, arXiv:0707.0144Link

Logbook and notes:

September 13We discussed the plan we will follow during the seminar. I described how the paper [2] is structured and how many parts show a lot of directions to be further researched.N/A
September 20I tried to motivate why the approach in Beyond Endoscopy might work by discussing the basic theory of Invariant Dimensions of representations as shown in [3] and [4].N/A
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